Trogdor!! The Board Game Miniatures

$ 25.00

*Miniatures only. Does NOT include the base board game!

A full set of high quality pre-painted plastic miniature game pieces including:

  • 1 plastic Trogdor mini
  • 7 plastic Peasant minis
  • 1 plastic removable Flame Helmet for Peasants
  • 2 plastic Knights minis
  • 1 plastic Troghammer mini
  • 1 plastic Archer Twins mini
  • 3 plastic thatched roof cottage bases
  • 3 plastic thatched roof cottage roofs with flippable burninated underside

Upgrade your copy of Trogdor!! The Board Game with these cool plastic miniatures! Trogdor's arm has never looked so beefy! You can swap these out with your wooden meeples, display them like collectibles, OR drop em into whatever other tabletop experience you want! These miniatures don't change gameplay at all, they just make it look prettier.

Miniatures come packed in a black plastic tray and lid that fits right in your base Trogdor!! The Board Game box (the deluxe version already includes these plastic miniatures).